About Us

Promoting Catholic Radio in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Our Lady of Guadalupe Communications, Inc. is part of an exciting new movement in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and across the country — a movement to establish Catholic radio stations to broadcast the Gospel message throughout the land. This movement is in keeping with the New Evangelization called for by our late great Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, and echoed by our current great Pope, Benedict XVI.

As this new millennium continues to unfold, let us work to bring to fruition the words of Pope John Paul II when he said: “Radio may well be the most cost-effective way of reaching large numbers of people …. Perhaps one of the finest gifts which we could offer to Jesus Christ on the 2000th anniversary of His birth would be that the Good News will at last be made known to every person in the world … the communications media make that theoretically possible; we, by God’s grace, must make it a reality.”

Catholic radio is being established in Texas through stations such as KIXL, 970 AM in Austin, and KATH, 910 AM in the Dallas area. In the Valley, Our Lady of Guadalupe Communications, Inc. was formed to work toward putting Catholic radio on the air. The mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe Communications is to communicate Christian truth as expressed in Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. In achieving our mission, programming is to broadcast the truth, foster charity, spread joy, and foster and confirm among all people that peace which Christ the Lord brings.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Communications was formed by a group of committed Catholic lay people who have placed their efforts under the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas. We look forward to the day when Valley residents will be able to hear Catholic radio in their vehicles or homes 24 hours a day. (Currently, Catholic radio is available nationwide through the Sirius Satellite Radio system, Channel 160). Now, through our website and partnership with Catholic Exchange, Valley residents and others across the world can listen to Catholic radio 24 hours a day through the Internet.

We also encourage Valley residents to tune into Catholic television programming through EWTN which is available on Cable Channel 57 in the Harlingen area and some other areas of the Valley; and nationwide on the DISH Network Satellite TV system, Channel 261, as well as Direct TV, Channel 422.

You can be a part of this much-needed apostolate. Please pray that the Lord’s Will be done. Also, we need and value your input and suggestions. For more information, please contact Michael Swartz at 956-341-5570 (e-mail: or Priscilla Maldonado at 956-423-1092. Donations will allow Our Lady of Guadalupe Communications to continue working toward obtaining the necessary radio facilities. Our Lady of Guadalupe Communications, Inc. is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation. Donations are deductible on federal income tax returns for those who can itemize deductions. Thank you for your consideration. May God bless you and your family.